What is petite?

Petite is anyone who is 5’4” and under, regardless of shape or size

You can be taller than 5’4” and still fit into petite clothes based on the length of your torso or legs.

To help you decide on the right size, we list out detailed product measurements for every item.


Why shop from 'house of petite'?

We understand the challenges for petite women when it comes to fashion.

We source and curate clothing from all over the world, ensuring every item is petite-friendly. 

We only use true-size petite models so you can expect how each item may look on you.

We offer exclusive petite lines, new brands and style inspiration for petite women.


Is everything exclusively petite-sized?

Not everything - we source both 'petite-friendly' and 'petite-specific' clothing. This will be clearly stated in the product title and description.

We offer clothing which have been altered to fit petite frames (e.g. shortened hems, higher waistbands).

And we also offer clothing which we've deemed 'petite-friendly' and by that we mean these items should still suit a petite frame.


If I'm over 5'4" can I still shop from 'house of petite'?

Of course! We specify all product measurements in detail to help you decide on the best fit.


Do you have a physical store?

Not at the moment but as we grow and expand, we will be looking to host pop-up stores, concessions and events. 

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